Men's Weekend Cancellation:
Unfortunately, due to our inability to secure a complete team, the Men's Weekend has been canceled. See the EXPLANATION for details.

Upcoming Cum Christo Weekends:
Women's 157: October 19-22, 2017

Volunteer as Weekend Kitchen worker for the next Cum Christo Weekend. Click Here!

Submit applications now! Look at your work and social groups, your parish and church leaders (councils, committees, teachers, ministers, lay people) for candidates to sponsor.

Location for the Sunday after-serenade breakfast:

Tee Jaye's Country Place
Corner of High St. and Morse Rd.
4910 N. High St. Columbus

Prayer Chain:
Over 300 Cursillistas are members of the CumChristo Prayer Chain. These "prayer warriors" daily petition on behalf of the prayers submitted by the community. Your prayer strength is needed to keep this a powerful force in "God's army" of good versus evil. To join this action-oriented ministry go HERE. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEND A PRAYER, THANKSGIVING OR HUG? GO TO THE "E-PRAYER FORM" PAGE TO SEND YOUR PRAYER OUT TO THE COMMUNITY.

Leadership Meetings:

The BOARD OF TRUSTEES is the official decision-making body of Cum Christo.

SECRETARIAT is the administrative body that oversees all Cum Christo activities. Secretariat meets the first Tuesday of each month.
John Hodges.

LEADERS SCHOOL is the part of Secretariat responsible for studying and applying the fundamentals of the Cursillo Method at CumChristo
Leader School Team meets the third Tuesday of each month.
Jane Peden.
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