The purpose of the CumChristo Prayer Chain is to strengthen the our community through intercessory prayer and to provide prayer-support for those in need. An important part of our community/movement is the coming together in prayer, whether that is in person or spiritually.

Please refrain from using a name in identifying the person for whom you are praying (eg: use my brother, my mother or a friend). Remember: God already knows who you are praying for. All prayer request emails are sent "blind carbon copy". This means that the only email address you see on a prayer request email is yours, not the other 300+ members of the chain. This is done to prevent the prayer list from being used for any purpose other than for what it is meant. As a result of this security measure, you do not know who all receives a copy of a prayer request. Imagine your prayer for "my friend John Doe who is struggling with a career decision to move out of state" being sent to John's boss, a member of the CumChristo Prayer Chain.

Please try to keep your prayer request short and concise. While we may tend to "justify" our prayer with an explanation of the circumstances surrounding it, God knows what we are praying for even before we do. Nobody but Him needs to know all the details.

Please refrain from updating the members of the prayer chain with the results of the prayer. While you may be jubilant or saddened over the result, we must all trust that God has answered the prayer in His own way and that those who prayed for your petition don't necessarily need to know what God's answer was, but merely trust that His "gifts" are for the best.

You may send a Prayer Request by using the web-based form at: "" Prayer requests are sometimes edited by the prayer chain custodian if the prayer is too "wordy".

You do not have to be a member of the Prayer Chain List to send/post a prayer request, it is open to any member of CumChristo. However, you must be a member of the list to receive a prayer request email.

All prayer requests are personally received and relayed to the chain by the WebServant. Other prayer chains have attempted to go to an automated posting system, only to return to a human one because of problems with the content of the emails going to their members. In our imperfect world, some people on the internet think it is funny to send out the raunchiest language and photos they can come up with to prayer chains. This is the "deride us and taunt us" part in the song "De Colores".

When you send a prayer request your name and email address is included after the body of the request when it is sent out the the prayer list members. This is so prayer chain members can send you notes of support, if appropriate. If for privacy, you wish that your name and/or email address not be used on a prayer request you send, please note that (in parenthesis) at the end of your prayer. However, your name is required on a request to verify that you are a member of CumChristo.

It is hoped that you will continue to be a member of the CumChristo Prayer Chain for years to come and encourage other members of CumChristo to join the list.

To become a member, go to the web-based form at: "".
Prayer Chain members receive only prayer request and occassionally CumChristo-related messages that need the community’s attention. Your email address will always be closly safeguarded.