A Reminder about Sponsor Responsibilities

Sponsoring a candidate for a Cum Christo weekend is an act of love AND an act of commitment to that individual. It is the very essence of servant hood Sponsorship carries with it a great many responsibilities, both to the individual candidate and to the community at large. It is much like the responsibility of a sponsor in Baptism, who is willing to guide the newest member of the community in living a Christ centered life.

PRAY: Please pray for your candidate and all involved with the weekend.

INFORM: Explain to the candidate the purpose of the weekend, and what goes on. This includes the talks, discussions, posters, the busy schedule, the abundant food, community support, etc., as outlined on the application you co-sign. You need not spoil surprises, but avoid secrecy and do not lie.

GROUP REUNION: Be certain that the candidate has an understanding of what is meant by group reunion, and that they will be asked to voluntarily commit to take part in such a group after the weekend is over. Sponsors are obligated to help their candidates find a permanent group. If you are looking for a group check the Cum Christo Website at www.cumchristo.org and click on the "grouping" icon.

CLEAN: All sponsors are required to attend clean up both proceeding the weekend AND after their candidate's weekend. If unable to come, you must find a substitute. Please mark your calendar now. The cleanup dates and times are set in advance by the Service Section Head.

TRANSPORTATION: You must bring your candidate to the center on Thursday night of the Weekend, help them find their beds, take them on a tour of the building and drop them off at the entrance to the lounge. Sponsors must also come to the closing on Sunday night to take their candidates home.

PERSONAL PALANCA: Do personal palanca for your candidate and write a note or letter informing them of the palanca offered. This personal palanca will be distributed after the altar visit on Saturday. The envelope needs to be marked "from Sponsor", and must be at the center by 11am Saturday morning. BEST TO BRING WITH YOU WHEN DROPPING OFF CANDIDATE ON THURSDAY.

GENERAL PALANCA: Each sponsor is also expected to provide general palanca. This is palanca for the entire group that is read by the rector in the Rollo Room during the weekend. General palanca is first introduced on Friday afternoon, so early delivery to the Center is welcome. General palanca should be labeled as "General Palanca" and is usually addressed as "Dear Babe Chicks".

SUPPORT: Keep in touch with candidate's family over the weekend. Remember I they have no way to get in touch with the candidate should an emergency arise. Your presence and concern should be most welcome.

COMMIT: When the weekend is over, sponsor responsibilities are not over. When you sponsor, you agree to commit to one year of nurturing that candidate, helping them to assimilate into the community. Bring your candidate to the initial three Ultreyas following their weekend, and keep them coming for a year. And, of course frequently come yourself for that year.

Remember, when you sponsor a candidate for Cum Christo, you are acting out of love and commitment to that individual. You are investing in his or her Christian life as a fellow member of the Christian community, which comes together to enable that candidate to live more fully the life of grace in Jesus Christ.