Palanca is a Spanish word. It means "lever". A lever allows a person to move something beyond his/her capabilities. In the Cum Christo / Cursillo sense, Palanca is prayer and sacrifice on the part of one person, offered to God so that others may accomplish more than they would be capable of otherwise.

The essence of Palanca is sacrifice. Greeting cards, banners, computer generated spiffy graphics, candy, food, gifts and the like are not palanca. Those things may carry the message of palanca. In and of themselves, the vehicle is not palanca. The message, a message of prayer and sacrifice, is palanca.

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You are invited to do Palanca and to share that Palanca with the Cum Christo community in a message that will be read at the ULTREYA following its receipt. Simply click below and you will receive an e-mail blank addressed to the Permanent Ultreya Team Coordinator.

This feature is for sending palanca to Ultreya,

Please submit ultreya palanca by the Tuesday evening
before the ultreya you would like for it to be read.

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