Date Location
1/4/2017 St. James the Less Ministry Center First Wednesday
Witness Speaker Teresa Mooney
Spiritual Director Fr. Justin Reis
2/1/2017 All Saints Lutheran First Wednesday
Witness Speaker Rick Bradley
Spiritual Director Pastor Bonnie Gerber
3/1/2017 NO ULTREYA Ash Wednesday
3/22/2017 St. Agnes Guardian Angel Night
Witness Speaker Doug Headlee
Spiritual Director Rev. Paul Ulring
3/29/2017 St. Paul Grouping talk
Witness Speakers Bill Fairweather Group
4/5/2017 Powell Christian Church First Wednesday, Second after Spring Men's Weekend
Spiritual Director Deacon Gordon Kunkler
4/12/2017 First Congregational United Seder Meal
4/26/2017 Ascension Lutheran Guardian Angel Night
Witness Speaker Ellen Naser
Spiritual Director Pastor Tim Muller
5/3/2017 Our Lady of Victory First Wednesday, Grouping talk
Witness Speakers Beth Bowen Group
5/10/2017 St. Joseph Plain City Second after Spring Women's Weekend
Witness Speaker Suzette Price
Spiritual Director Deacon Jim Morris
6/7/2017 Church of the Resurrection First Wednesday
7/5/2017 St. Cecilia First Wednesday
Witness Speaker Becky Hollen
Spiritual Director Fr. Leo Connolly
8/2/2017 Blacklick Woods Metropark Ultreyafest
9/6/2017 Dublin Community Church First Wednesday
9/20/2017 Canceled
9/27/2017 Canceled
10/4/2017 First Wednesday
10/18/2017 Guardian Angel Night
10/25/2017 Grouping talk
11/1/2017 First Wednesday, Second after Fall Women's Weekend
12/6/2017 First Wednesday

How can I get involved and support the Columbus Cum Christo’s Ultreya?
There are two ways you and/or your group can support Ultreya.
First is to join a monthly Ultreya Team. Some groups have made this an annual group event. To join a team, sign your name and telephone number to the Ultreya Team poster found at the Cum Christo center Bulletin board just outside of the Chapel, or email John Hodges

The second opportunity is for you to join the Permanent Ultreya Team. The Permanent Ultreya Team, nicknamed “P-U-T” is a two-year commitment. As a PUT member you will have the opportunity to lead a monthly Ultreya team or other event supporting the community. If you are interested in joining PUT, you will be asked to attend Cum Christo leaders training called “Weekend Orientation” this is a short study of the inter-workings of a Cum Christo weekend and the movement. Typically Weekend Orientation is offered twice yearly at the Cum Christo Center.

For more information about Ultreya, please contact the Post Cum Christo coordinator.

Permanent Ultreya Team Coordinators:
Barb Altenburg and Tom Nance
Post Cum Christo Leader: John Hodges
Phil Bowen John Hodges
Richard Gehman Jerry Price
And more being recruited! Are you interested in being on PUT?

* Except on the occasion of special events or severe weather.

Ultreya Musician Schedule