PRAYER CHAIN: Cum Christo, Columbus

The purpose of the Cum Christo Prayer Chain is to strengthen the our community through intercessory prayer and to provide prayer-support for those in need. An important part of our community/movement is the coming together in prayer, whether that is in person or spiritually.

Please refrain from using a name in identifying the person for whom you are praying (eg: use my brother, my mother or a friend). Imagine your prayer for “my friend John Doe who is struggling with a career decision to move out of state” being sent to John’s boss, a member of the Cum Christo Prayer Chain. God already knows who you are praying for.

Send a Prayer Request

Prayer requests are sometimes edited by the prayer chain custodian if the prayer is too “wordy”.

You do not have to be a member of the Prayer Chain List to submit a prayer request, it is open to any member of Cum Christo.

All prayer requests are personally received and relayed to the chain.

When you send a prayer request your name and email address is included after the body of the request when it is sent out the the prayer chain members. This is so members can send you notes of support, if appropriate. If you wish that your name and/or email address not be used on a prayer request you send, please note that in comments on the prayer form. However, your name is required on a request to verify that you are a member of Cum Christo.

It is hoped that you will continue to be a member of the Cum Christo Prayer Chain for years to come and encourage other members of Cum Christo to join the list.

Become a Prayer Chain member

Prayer Chain members receive prayer request and occasionally Cum Christos-related messages that need the community’s attention. Your email address will always be closely safeguarded.

Cursillo Leaders’ Prayer

We ask that each visitor to this website please pray this prayer, that the leaders of our movement in whatever capacity will follow God’s will in all that they do in the name of Cum Christo.

Lord, grant that we may understand the necessity for depth in our movement, rather than surface glory.  Convince us of the truth that colorful programs do not constitute success.

My God, give us a spirit of self sacrifice so that we may offer everything for your cause:  our time, our abilities, our health and even our lives if necessary.

Instill in us courage in our initiatives, good judgment in our choice of the right means, and that determination which in spite of failures assures victory.

Move away from us the tiny rivalries, sensitivities, discourtesies, pride, everything which distracts from You, everything which divides or discourages.

Help us to maintain at a high level a meaningful supernatural and mutual charity among ourselves, so that each one will seek by preference the most humble tasks and will rejoice at the good performed by others so that all our spirits united in a common purpose will have one single spirit, Yours Jesus, and that this spirit may let us see Your attractive goodness marked in all our faces, Your warm accents in all our words, and in our lives something superior to the world, something that proclaims Your Living Presence among us.  Amen

St. Paul, Patron of Cursillo – Pray for us.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patron of the Americas – Pray for us.

Whenever you are in prayer, please remember our Cum Christo leaders.