January 2000

From The Bishop
Bishop James A. Griffin (Cleveland Cursillo)
In response to our year-end annual report to the Bishop, we received the following response.
“I congratulate everyone in the Cum Christo Movement for the continued success and vibrancy of your programs which I am sure enrich the spiritual lives of many Catholics and Protestants alike.”

From The Lay Director
Frank Jakob M57 846-1919
My first year as Lay Director is complete. We have studied much about the movement. We have been lectured to about what we should be. We have observed what we are. We have commissioned ad-hoc study groups to discern what we could become. We solicit direct input from the community through monthly questions posted on the web site. You can write a letter anytime.
In this the first Quiri of the year, we print our annual report. It is written from input of those who head the various sections of Secretariat. Read and learn about what has happened and what will happen. Get excited about sponsoring Christian leaders through the movement. BUT don’t forget your true ideal, living life in grace.

From The Spiritual Directors
Father Tom Cadden M105 443-7545
Father Mike Reis M39 740-522-5270
Sister Loretta Forquer W14 759-1980
Deacon Dick Baumann M4 488-7238
Spiritual Directors guide the spiritual formation of this lay-led movement. A team of four spiritual directors serves in this capacity. Each Spiritual Director takes turns attending the monthly Secretariat and Leaders’ School meetings, leading the team commissioning services on weekends, and welcoming the babe chicks at closings.
The Spiritual Directors share with Secretariat and Leaders’ School the ongoing study of the movement. Together, we work as a community of laity and clergy for the goal of bringing Christ to our environments.

From Leaders’ School
Rita King W67 882-1208
This year Leaders’ School will be looking at ways to better instruct both the Cum Christo Community and the greater Christian community at large. A study group has been formed consisting of Joe DiCesare M60, Mark Pruse M98, Judy Gibeaut W37and Ted Sawyer M71 to look into new ways and ideas to better educate these communities.
Last spring, a full house enjoyed the Christian version of the Seder Meal at First Congregational Church. We were blessed by the Peterson kitchen crew and the Permanent Ultreya Team set-up and clean-up crew. Sign up as soon as possible for the next Seder Meal scheduled for April 19. This is a wonderful way to experience the most holy of Holy Weeks.
Twenty-five enthusiastic new leaders completed the November 12-13 Weekend Orientation. The next orientation weekend will be June 2-3, if a minimum of 20 people sign up by May 21. If you registered for the November weekend but did not attend, sign up again. Names will not be carried over.
The Leaders’ School Team enters the Year 2000 with enthusiasm and a strong commitment to the Cum Christo Movement. Our goal is to continue to study ways to improve and move forward into the next Century, without affecting the basic essence of Cum Christo. We welcome input from the community and ask for your continued prayers and support. We are here to serve. Christ is counting on us and we on Him.

From The Music Section
Kathy Harbold W40 539-0802
The Music section is an integral part of all the Cum Christo weekends, Ultreyas and special functions. This section keeps a list of musicians in the community to be used for various functions, trains and directs musicians in the role music plays during Ultreya and on weekends, and helps each rector in the selection of musicians eligible for a weekend.
Each year the music section repairs and refurbishes the songbooks. In addition, we are committed to publishing an exciting, new, updated songbook.

From Pre Cum Christo
Tim Shea M121 475-3407
The Pre Cum Christo section identifies and facilitates sponsorship of the natural leaders in our environments. A network of Cum Christo contacts at each church has been built to visibly share the mission and method of Cum Christo within their church. Visibility can energize the Columbus community, inform out-of-town Cursillistas, and provide support for the sponsorship of candidates.
The number of churches with assigned contacts is now 56. In addition, 10 district coordinators have been selected. The list of contacts and district coordinators is posted on the bulletin board at the Center and on the web site.
Contacts’ duties are: to gain their pastor’s support and be listed as the Cum Christo contact in the church directory; to make materials available to the congregation and applications available to sponsors; to provide announcements and notices for the church bulletin; and to attend Pre Cum Christo coordinating meetings at least twice a year. Contacts also hold periodic meetings with Cursillistas in their church to encourage sponsoring candidates, sending palanca, holding sendoff potluck dinners, and sharing sponsorship ideas.
If you want to be a church contact, you do not have to have already attended Leaders’ School. You will, however, need to commit to attending the next scheduled one. The district coordinators, as well as the Pre Cum Christo section head (me) need to have attended Leaders’ School prior to accepting the duties. If you are a member of a church without a contact person, prayerfully consider taking this role. It is rewarding when you are able to watch your faith community grow through the movement. Questions? Further information? Call me or send me e-mail at tshea@techmate.com.
The next scheduled meeting of the Pre Cum Christo contacts will be on February 12, 2000 at the Center.

From The Weekend Section
Nancy Santoro W22 846-3518
The Weekend section deals with matters related to Cum Christo weekends. The weekend representative coordinates the discernment of rectors and assists the rectors, throughout team formation. This section selects the churches for closings and meets with and works with the closing couples. The weekend representative participates in team Commissioning Services and assures that feedback about each weekend is given at Leaders’ School following each weekend.
The Rectors, Assistant Rectors and the Closing Churches for the year 2000 are:
Men’s 131st (April 6-9, 2000)
Bill Dunn M99/Dick Harbold M4
Closing: Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Women’s 122nd (May 18-21, 2000)
Susie Stein W11/Nancy Grilli W11
Closing: First Community
Men’s 132nd (September 28-October 1, 2000)
Jim Bradley M47/JoePetrelli M82
Closing: Upper Arlington Lutheran - Mill Run
Women’s 123rd (October 26-29, 2000)
Peggy Dlusky W103/Sukey DiCesare W48
Closing: St. Brigid of Kildare
Prayerful support and palanca for all of the teams in formation are vitally important. Teams meet for eight weeks and much PRAYER AND SACRIFICE (palanca), on the part of the community, is needed during the time of preparation for each weekend. Your presence during the weekend at the serenade and closing are powerful signs to the team and the babe chicks, of the support and love that is surrounding them. Christ is Counting on You! Consider offering your assistance to the closing couples as they are identified in future issues of the Quiri/Quiri.
The Lord richly blessed us with four powerful weekends in 1999. The support of the community for the weekends and the closings was evident to the babe chicks making the weekends. Many new leaders for Christ were called and responded with a joyful “Yes” to the Lord. Thanks to all who helped to do this important work for Christ!

From The Post Cum Christo Section
Jill McGregor W109 899-0549
Post Cum Christo supports perseverance in the Cum Christo method through weekly Ultreya, encouraging group reunion, and activities like Ultreyafest, Yuletreya, the Easter Seder, the annual dinner, and the fall picnic.
Because God pours his love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, we believe that one or more persons in attendance at Fourth Day events has their hope renewed, helping them persevere in their Christian walk. We thank God for the 21 Permanent Ultreya Team (PUT) leaders and the more than 74 volunteers who served our community on a monthly Ultreya team in 1999.
If you are seeking a new group, we encourage you to attend Ultreyas, and post your name on the bulletin board. Another option is to use the Cum Christo web site to e-mail your group reunion requests directly to me for posting on the bulletin board. In addition, the site offers a quick link to do written palanca for Ultreya
Serving the community will be a special blessing for you. Consider serving on an Ultreya team or joining PUT in 2000. On behalf of the entire Post Cum Christo team, we thank God for the opportunity to serve this community and pray that each of you continue to grow in grace as you live your 4th day. "May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ's perseverance." 2 Thes 3:6.

From The Kitchen Section
Terri Turner W101 740-964-0850
The Kitchen section coordinates preparation and serving of meals for the Cum Christo weekends. It also includes some housekeeping tasks. Volunteers work to keep the linens and curtains in shape, and a “Banner Brigade” has been commissioned to refresh the banners throughout the building.
In 1999, there was an abundance of community members who volunteered their time to make the mealtimes “fulfilling” experiences for the team members and candidates.
Day Stewards oversee the preparation of the meals for each day with about five community members helping at each meal. During most of the weekends last year, there were two Day Stewards per scheduled meal to relieve some of the pressure of only one person. A Day Steward school is being planned for the year 2000.

From The Service Section
Steve Cunningham M128 476-0724
The Service section coordinates the volunteers and services that maintain the Center. Our old schoolhouse has been transformed into a warm and comfortable place. Through much hard work and generous donations, all the public areas of our center have been painted, and carpeting has been installed in all the major rooms. Our new wheelchair lift can assist anyone having difficulty climbing the stairs. Our Center is safer by the installation of smoke detectors throughout the building.
Last year a new ceiling storage area over the pantry increased desperately-needed storage space, and a new service counter was installed in the lounge.
Plans are to do an electrical survey of all the circuits before adding any additional planned fans or appliances to ensure building safety with proper wiring and fusing.
The Annual Clean-Up Day will be on March 25 at 8 AM; Come early, come late, but come. I look forward to seeing many of you joyful workers (with your groups!) since many hands make light work.

From The Quiri/Quiri Editor
Chris Warren M62 876-5920
The Quiri/Quiri is our community’s main communication medium. It is published to keep the Cum Christo community informed of weekend activities and to communicate important messages. Last year, the Quiri/Quiri was published before each of the weekends, plus this annual report issue and a mid-summer issue on basic Cum Christo/Cursillo topics.
The Quiri is also available on-line at our web site, http://members.aol.com/cumchristo, along with other pertinent and interesting information. We are blessed to have a webservant, Phil Turner, both to host and maintain the web site.
In addition to the Quiri and the web site, the office phone line (268-8141) has an “announcements” section. Current information is also posted on the bulletin boards on the first floor of the center.
We have tried to keep the broader Catholic community informed of Cum Christo activities through weekly announcements in the Catholic Times “Happening” Section.

From The Administrator
Terry Walsh M98 268-8161
As the Administrator of Cum Christo, my job is basically to manage the office functions. I am responsible for responding to phone calls and faxes. I also update and post the fax-on-demand documents that can be accessed automatically by calling the office number (268-8141).
I maintain and regularly update all Cum Christo computer files, including our main database, mailing list and all document files that we use in the day-to-day operations of the movement. From the database, I prepare the eligible team lists that are distributed to Rectors and prepare the mailing labels for the Quiri/Quiri.
It is my responsibility to process all applications received for a weekend. I send the initial letter to both candidates and sponsors when an application is approved. I maintain an up-to-date list of candidates for upcoming weekends and update the final databases from the actual candidate applications on the weekends.
I receive all donations to the Sustaining Fund, and process all contributions. I regularly update both the Treasurer and the Lay Director as to the total received. I collect and deposit all weekend donations.
I update, prepare, assemble, and have printed the Rector’s Handbook and Manual each year.
One of the more rewarding responsibilities is maintaining the Cum Christo Electronic Prayer Chain. This enables me to contact nearly one hundred of our Community in an instant with requests for prayers. Should any of you be interested in joining our “army”, contact me at tjwalsh@compuserve.com.
It is truly a blessing to me to contribute what time and talents God gives to me to our marvelous Movement.

Special Appreciation for Companion Wheel Chair
Joe Neidhardt M60
A special thanks to all who contributed to the fund for a special “companion” wheel chair to assist Ed Lally M60 and others to attend Mass and special events at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in German Village.

From The Secretary
Catherine Hicks W117 298-8345
The secretary records the minutes of the Secretariat meetings. Last year’s minutes were recorded and distributed prior to or at each subsequent meeting, and by year’s end via e-mail.

From The Treasurer
Tom Niedzielski M120 927-5787
See the annual financial report on the opposite page in this Quiri. During 1999, the average monthly operating and weekend expenses increased 22% over 1998. Donations including weekends, Ultreya, rentals and misc. were up 17% over last year.
Generous contributions to the Sustaining Fund of $24,642.00 helped us end the year with an Account Balance of $29,953.29, $6,500 more than last year.
Information about including Cum Christo in estate planning was reviewed in the Summer, 1999 issue of the Quiri. See the Cum Christo web site to view past issues of the Quiri.

Permanent Ultreya Team Retreat
Jill McGregor W109
Saturday, February 26, 2000, a PUT (Praise Unto The Lord) Retreat will be held for all members of our community interested in learning more about how the Holy Spirit works behind the scenes at our weekly Ulreyas.
The retreat will focus on Christ and how His Spirit works through the Ultreya team formation and our weekly Ultreya meetings. It will be a time to worship, learn about the Ultreya method, and be inspired by hearing witnesses of how the Holy Spirit has worked to help our Community to persevere living our 4th Day. All Cursillistas are invited to attend!
Date: Saturday, February 26, 2000
Time: 8am to 4pm
Place: Cum Christo Center
Cost: Free
Who: All who have made a weekend.
Questions/RSVP: Jill McGregor
jillmcg@ix.netcom.com or phone 899-0549

For Bill Gilbeaut M56, that his surgery will be totally successful.
For Gene Forrest, father of Betty Walsh W91 and Susan Guy W 93. Gene has been diagnosed with cancer.
For Don Collins M40 (Cursillista, musician, UALC member), who passed away after a protracted illness on Monday December 21 in New York.
For Nick Pusecker M23 and family as they mourn the death of Nick's mother.
For the continued healing of Dick Struble M77.
For those affected by alcoholism.
For the continued healing of Luzviminda Calo W120 from a stroke.
For the Babechicks of the Women's 121st Weekend as they enter their 4th day.
For the Babechicks of the Men's 130th Weekend as they enter their 4th day.

Men’s 131st April 6-9, 2000
Women’s 122nd May 18-21, 2000
Men’s 132nd Sept. 28-Oct. 1, 2000
Women’s 123rd October 26-29, 2000
Every Wednesday 8:00 PM - ULTREYA
1/28/00 Annual Dinner
2/12/00 Pre Cum Christo Contacts
2/26/00 PUT Retreat
3/25/00 Spring Cleanup
4/19/00 Seder Meal
6/2-3/00 Weekend Orientation
8/16/00 Ultreyafest Picnic
11/5/00 Fall Picnic
11/10-11/00 Weekend Orientation
12/20/00 Yuletreya

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