October 1999


From the Lay DirectorFrank Jakob M57

“Just Do It!”

Cum Christo is a Movement with the mission to support Christians as they persevere in their faith. By this we mean to adhere to the intention of the original Spanish Cursillo: bringing Christ into our daily environments. There are plenty of programs and activities dedicated to letting people do good “way over there” in far off places outside the reach of your normal environment. Cum Christo’s concern is that the need for Christ’s presence is not only “way over there” but also “right here in front of you.” It is one of the few programs that is for the ordinary, average, typical Christian leaders: you, me, us.

Cum Christo’s mission is to reveal Christ’s presence in our every day environments. This is hard. It is easier to go off on some bus trip and spend a solid few days teaching, building, ministering to a group of strangers in another city, county, state, or country than it is to minister to your family members, your neighbors, your co-workers, and your fellow parishioners. You leave the strangers behind; you never really face up to your effectiveness. Those you know are right in front of you, every day; you are constantly challenged to become effective for Christ, doing apostolic action.

That is why the key to Cum Christo is perseverance. Perseverance comes from your permanent group. Group is your regular effort to maintain and strengthen your contact with Christ through contact with other Christians. In between groups Cum Christo provides Ultreya, the weekly coming together of groups and those looking for groups.

Whenever the leadership of Cum Christo gathers together to do its official work, first we group: we share piety, study and action. At Secretariat meetings, your leaders group. At Leaders’ School, the membership groups. At the Permanent Ultreya Team meetings, the members group. During team selection, prospective team members must be grouping to be eligible. During team formation for weekends, the team groups. The candidates’ discussions around the table after talks are a prelude to group. On Sunday of the weekend there are four talks about grouping (can you name them?). At the closing sponsors are reminded of their obligation to get their candidates into group and we hear a short witness to grouping from a member of the community. At the first Ultreya following a weekend the witness talk is about, guess what, grouping. Get the message? The Fourth Day is all about grouping.

Group is the proven effective tool for persevering in faith. Like the Nike ad says, “Just do it.” Group.


Welcome Babe Chicks of the Mens 130th

David Applegate
Bernie Leitwein
Brian Barta
Tom Lisk
Craig Bauer
John Mackenzie
Gary Buhr
John Martin
Bob Bukovec
Joseph Morman
Michael Dorrian
Ed Nicholson
Mark Foley
Jim O'Connor
Doug Grilliot
Tim Peterson
Dave Held
Joe Sauline
Fred Helser
Daniel Shank
Dave Hritzak
Bob Short
Chuck Johns
Tim Stein
Bob Kreeger
Rick Studer


The Team of the Women's 121st

Kathy Price W23, Bev McPherson W67, Fr. Pat Toner (Boston 1972), Rev. Ginny Ress W71, Cathy Agriesti W46, Liz Gross W115, Kathy Harbold W40, Jill McGregor W109, Mo Meuse W37, Nancy Meyer W27, Kathy Ries W87, Jan Turner W59, Ada Varney W80, Debbie Wood W70, Steve Stroh M119, Russ Thibaut M15.


Tentative Candidates
Women's 121st Cum Christo
OCTOBER 21 - 24, 1999

Joyce Beckhon
Dulcy Francis
Laura Blessing
Sandy Nicholson
Michelle Bowman
Chris Tinnerello
Carolyn Buhr
Tim Shea and Gary Buhr
Pat Cooksey
Ruth Cummings & Shirley Peters
Shyrel Davis
Judy McAninch & Craig Bauer
Angie DelPropost
Cathie Cope
Virginia Elmore
Elaine Bonacci
Katie Foley
Jo Carnavale
Barbara Frautschi
Nancy Bolen
Angie Grilliot
Jackie Abbott Bovinet
Jenny Held
Kathy Corroto
Barbara Kittner
Sandy Goggins
C.J. Kreeger
Chip & Jan Leckway
Eleanor Leitwein
Teri Leitwein
Marie Nemes
Ed Ziringer
Becky O'Connor
Kathy Corroto
Jeanne Purcell
Peggy Bryant
Annette Radel
Carla Holmes
Karen Richards
Mary Christine Moore
Karen Riegelmayer
Katie Seipel
Chris Robertson
Darrek Robertson
Erin Sanchez
Darlene Rotella
Alison Shank
Tony Petrarca
Lisa Ann Simpson
Maureen McCabe
Sally Vincent
Nancy Hartshorn
Fran Weise
Nancy Linnabary
Barbara Wolcott
Mary George-Whittle

A complete and updated list of candidates will be available at Ultreya 10/20/99 (Guardian Angel night) … and also available 24 hr/day from the fax-on-demand line 268-8141 and the web site.


Weekend Reminders

SPONSORS: Please remember your commitment to "Pre" and "Post" Cum Christo weekend clean up. Cleaning begins at 7:00 PM the Monday before and the Monday following the weekend. If you are unable to help, you need to find someone to take your place. Many hands make short work.

KITCHEN AND FOOD: Please call Terri Turner W101 740-964-0850 (H) and 614-785-3016 (pager) to volunteer either as a day steward or to help prepare a meal. Fridays are particularly hard to staff. If you are neither a sponsor, nor the spouse (or family) of a team member or candidate participating in the Weekend, sacrifice the time: call and offer your help. Also call Terri if you are planning to donate any food for the Weekend. As always, your help is welcomed and NEEDED.

PALANCA: The essence of Palanca is a message of sacrifice. Write extra Palanca notes addressed “Dear Babe Chick” for candidates you do not know. Palanca from strangers is powerful stuff. GENERAL Palanca is introduced on Friday afternoon; deliver it as early as possible Friday morning. PERSONAL Palanca from sponsors, spouse/family, and guardian angels is introduced on Saturday afternoon; deliver it by mid-morning Saturday and write your relationship to the candidate on the envelope. Palanca from the community is distributed Saturday evening; deliver it no later than mid-day Saturday so it can be sorted and evenly distributed. Palanca in the form of gifts is distributed late Sunday afternoon before the Closing.

SERENADE: Sunday - Will begin promptly at 6:00 AM. Please do not bring children. Optional Breakfast at TeeJay's on Dublin Road immediately following the Serenade. Please join us.



The Closing will be Sunday, October 24, 1999, 7:00 PM at St. Michael Church, Worthington, 5750 N. High Street (North High & Selby, about one mile south of Rt. 161 and 1/2 mile north of Graceland Shoping Center). To offer assistance with Closing arrangements and refreshments call Tony and Betty Petrarca M94/W83 at 888-2415. Bringing children or guests to the closing is inappropriate. All Cum Christos and other Cursillistas are encouraged to attend closings.


Vigil List for the Mens 130th

8:00 PM Gene & Christine Conrad
9:00 PM Philip & Marilyn Conaway
10:00 PM Mark & Jeannette Fleming
11:00 PM Dr & Mrs William Blesch
12:00 AM Tom & Veronica Garrity
1:00 AM Michael & Connie Colburn
2:00 AM Pat Sellers
3:00 AM Keith Allenbach
4:00 AM Ed & Cheryl Bertke
5:00 AM Ron & Nancy Linnabary
6:00 AM Tom & Natalie Craft
7:00 AM Laurence & Nancy Mily
8:00 AM Larry & Ginny Porter
9:00 AM James Saffell
10:00 AM John Essman
11:00 AM Don Drake
12:00 PM Michael & Martie Habing
1:00 PM Peter & Linda Julian
2:00 PM Lamoine McAuliffe
3:00 PM Mike Norris
4:00 PM Gaylord & Delores Smith
5:00 PM Andy Terzuoli
6:00 PM Donald Weatherby
7:00 PM Fr David Sizemore
8:00 PM Barry & Sheila Reilly Young
9:00 PM Cecilia Reis
10:00 PM J R & Sheila Ross
11:00 PM Dr & Mrs Homer Mincy
12:00 AM Joyce Promenschenkel
1:00 AM Jim Flynn
2:00 AM Louise Snyder
3:00 AM Debbie Stewart
4:00 AM Barbara Haley
5:00 AM Fr Jerry Rodenfels
6:00 AM Bob & Linda Cummins
7:00 AM Patrick Donadio
8:00 AM Walt & Miriam Gibian
9:00 AM Earlene Jeffries
10:00 AM Dick McCormack
11:00 AM Rex & Suzanne Gore
12:00 PM Wally Coster
1:00 PM Tom Norman
2:00 PM Helen Albrecht
3:00 PM Jack & Mary Beth Butler
4:00 PM Rick & Terri Louder
5:00 PM Kate McGarry
6:00 PM Ron & Rosie Termeer
7:00 PM Tom & Karen Adams
8:00 PM Tom Lynch
9:00 PM Jo Reece
10:00 PM Ted & Vinny Herwig
11:00 PM Amy Horton
12:00 AM Michael & Trish
1:00 AM John Ciaciura
2:00 AM Phil & Barbara Macaluso
3:00 AM Maria Feula
4:00 AM Jeff & Trish Larcomb
5:00 AM Dick & Cheryl Leiss
6:00 AM Terry & Cheryl Lukuch
7:00 AM Marguerite Whiteman
8:00 AM Neal Coryell
9:00 AM Todd Buckingham
10:00 AM Mary Lou Garves
11:00 AM Dan & Debbie Vaught
12:00 PM Mary Ann Souders
1:00 PM Gary & Vera White
2:00 PM Bob & Maxine Elleman
3:00 PM Susan Guy
4:00 PM Judy McAninch


Did You Know?

Did you know that the last Men’s weekend was the 250th weekend in Columbus? In the 35 years of the movement, that is an average of seven weekends a year! At one time we had as many as twelve weekends a year!! One a month!!! At our current rate of 4 weekends a year it will take almost twice that time, over 60 years to reach our 500th weekend in 2062. If there are not the leaders around to sponsor then so be it. But don’t you think there are more leaders than ever who, with the tools of piety, study and action, would be effective instruments for Christ in their environments? Whom are you targeting to sponsor?


Cum Christo LeadershipFrank Jakob M57

Fall is God’s time for change. So too in a movement like Cum Christo, the people who sustain the movement move on, roles change. By the time you read this, several roles have already changed hands. By the end of this year several more will change also. Praise God for God’s dedicated servants who have served so diligently and who are passing on the cloak of servanthood:
Karl, “Sonny” Beem M112 Service
Jo Carnavale W114 Secretary
Mary George-Whittle W84 Weekend Section
Mary Struble W68 Pre-Cum Christo
Veronica Wolfe W109 Kitchen
Dick Struble M77 Leaders’ School member
Margaret Bush W45 Leaders’ School member
Please welcome the new people entering service in these sections. Pray and do palanca for the entire leadership team with the intention that God’s wisdom blesses all of Cum Christo’s leadership and the community it serves.
Lay Director: Frank Jakob M57
Spiritual Directors: Fr. Mike Reis M39, Fr. Tom Cadden M105, Sr. Loretta Forquer W14, Dcn. Dick Bauman M4
Pre-Cum Christo Section: Tim Shea M121
Weekend Section: Nancy Santoro W22
Post-Cum Christo Section: Jill McGregor W109
Service Section: Steve Cunningham M128
Kitchen Section: Terri Turner W101
Music Section: Kathy Harbold W40
Quiri Editor: Chris Warren M62
Secretary: Catherine Hicks W117
Treasurer: Tom Niedzielski M120
Administrator: Terry Walsh M98
Leaders’ School Section: Rita King W67
Leaders’ School Team: Joe DiCesare M60, Tom Dlusky M103, Judy Gibeaut W37, Don King M77, Tom Long M110, Elaine O’Brian W80, Mark Pruse M98, John Peterson M97, Ted Sawyer M71, Terry Walsh M98.
The leadership team can only operate with the cooperation of Cursillistas and Cum Christos. Praise God for the Permanent Ultreya Team. Praise God for the Pre-Cum Christo regional coordinators and church contacts. Praise God for the “seventy times seven” occasional and regular workers who serve in the many necessary roles that allow Cum Christo to operate as a movement, your movement, our movement. Praise God.

Christian Community in ActionJOE NEIDHART M62

Christmas is coming! Ed Lally M60 is counting the days until the Christmas Concert at St. Mary Church, December 5, 1999. Father Mike Watson has been renting a wheelchair for Ed's use each year. Now a fund has been started to purchase a chair, in Ed's name, for St. Mary Church. You may send a contribution to St. Mary Church, c/o "Ed's Chair," 684 S. Third Street, Columbus 43206


Sustaining Fund Status

$22,607 of our $25,000 annual goal has been donated. Praise God for generosity. Remaining pledges and donations should be sent to the PO Box. (We erroneously reported exceeding the fund’s goal in the Summer Issue, FJ.)


Let's Try ThisFrank Jakob M57

Want to worship as a community? Attend mass at Worthington St. Michael 5:30 pm Saturday of each Cum Christo weekend. The church is on High Street between Morse and 161. Free yourselves to attend serenade, have breakfast Sunday morning, and then relax.


Yo Quero Libros

We want books. Not any books, but the basic Cursillo literature: the Leaders' Manual (purple), the Pastoral Letter (yellow), the Structure of Ideas, the Purpose of the Movement, Talk Outlines, etc. Leaders' School will use these for studying, interpreting, and passing on the teachings from the original Spanish Cursillo. Bring them to the center and leave them on the shelves under the bulletin board. Thank you in advance.


Prayers of the FaithfulMike Reis M39

Pre-Cum Christo contacts: Please have your church use this petition at Sunday services during each weekend: “For the candidates of the Women’s 121th Cum Christo at the Holy Cross Cursillo Center this weekend, that they answer God’s call to bring their faith alive in their day to day environments, we pray to the Lord” … “Lord hear our prayer.”


Hugs and Prayers




Men's 131st April 6-9, 2000
Women's 122nd May 18-21, 2000
Men's 132nd Sept.28-Oct. 1, 2000
Women's 123rd October 26-29, 2000
Men's 133rd (to be scheduled in 2000 after receiving abundant applications)
Women's 124th



Every Wednesday 8:00 PM
10/31/99 Sunday Picnic (1:00-4:00PM)
11/3-12/99 Holyland Pilgrimage
11/12-13/99 Weekend Orientation
12/15/99 Yuletreya
1/28/00 Annual Dinner
Feb 2000 Spring Cleanup
4/19/00 Seder Meal
6/2-3/00 Weekend Orientation
August 2000 Ultreyafest Picnic
11/10-11/00 Weekend Orientation


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