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Financial Report

Frank Jakob


This issue of the Quiri is the "Annual Report to the Community." It describes the work accomplished last year in 1998 and the plans for this year, 1999. The Lay Director's job is a big one but there are many good, willing people who work hard, behind the scenes to make the Movement happen. Read their reports.

I believe in the effectiveness of communication. The "Quiri" section describes the tools we have at our disposal. In addition, I maintain a Lay Director's web site at http://www.angelfire.com/oh/CumChristo which is also a portal to the entire Cum Christo web site.

The terms of several leadership roles are due to expire soon. Among them are Service, Kitchen, Pre Cum Christo, and Secretary. If you have an inclination to carry some of the responsibility of the movement, call me or seek me out at Ultreyas, Closings and events to let me know of your interest and qualifications.

My personal goal as Lay Director is to encourage the theme of the Environment talk: study your environments and work to make God present there. The Catholic Church is celebrating the Jubilee (Lev 25:10ff) as we transition to the next Millennium. One of the elements of the celebration is the formation of small groups for faith sharing and spiritual growth. What better way than for Cursillistas and Cum Christos to sponsor candidates who will join groups and build the kingdom of God on earth in the 21st century.

Spiritual Directors

Father Tom Cadden
Father Mike Reis
Sister Loretta Forquer
Deacon Dick Baumann

Spiritual Directors guide the spiritual formation of this lay led movement. A team of four spiritual directors serve in this capacity. Each Spiritual Director takes turns attending the monthly Secretariat and Leaders' School meetings, leading the team commissioning services on weekends, and welcoming the babe chicks at closings.

Last year, the Spiritual Directors reviewed and updated the content of the "Pilgrim's Guide" (i.e., the yellow books) used on weekends. They are also providing guidance as Secretariat reviews and revises, as appropriate, the Cum Christo By Laws and Guidelines.

Pre-Cum Christo
Mary Struble

The Pre-Cum Christo section identifies and facilitates sponsorship of the natural leaders in our environments. To accomplish this, we are building a network of Cum Christo contacts at each church to visibly share the mission and method of Cum Christo within their church. Visibility can energize the Columbus community, inform out-of-town Cursillistas, and provide support for the sponsorship of candidates.

The number of churches with assigned contacts is now fifty. The list of contacts is posted on the bulletin board at the Center and on the Cum Christo web site. Their duties are: to gain their pastor's support and be listed as the Cum Christo contact in the church directory; to make brochures available to the congregation and applications available to sponsors; to provide announcements and notices for the church bulletin; and to attend Pre-Cum Christo coordinating meetings at least twice a year. Contacts also hold periodic meetings with Cursillistas in their church to encourage sponsoring candidates, sending palanca, holding sendoff potluck dinners, and sharing sponsorship ideas.

If you are a member of a church without a contact person, have made Leaders School, and would be willing to serve in this capacity, please contact me.


Mary George

The Weekend section coordinates rector discernment and contacts the rector nominees who are selected. The main responsibility of the Weekend section is to help the rectors in any way possible. The Weekend representative remains in contact with the rectors during team formation, attends commissioning services, selects closing sites based on the rectors' feedback, meets with and helps coordinate host couples in charge of closings, and attends the Leaders School meetings after each weekend to assure feedback.

In 1998, we had four wonderful teams and excellent community participation at each closing in support of the babe chicks making the weekend. We are now coordinating the Spring and Fall closings. If your church is interested in hosting a 1999 closing, please call me.

The 1999 Rectors and Assistant Rectors are:
Men's 129 th Bob Franz/Mike Agriesti
Women's 120th Nancy Santoro/Grace Neely
Men's 130 th Dick Struble/Tom Dlusky
Women's 121st Kathy Price/Beverly McPherson
Veronica Wolfe

The Kitchen section coordinates preparation and serving of meals on the weekend. The community volunteers all labor: a team of about five people helps with each meal under a Day Steward who supervises all meals for a day. Last year Cum Christo weekends were enhanced by excellent meals prepared by the community. Also last year, a Day Steward training class was held on October 3, 1998, led by John Peterson and attended by 22 potential day stewards.

In 1999, another Day Steward school will be offered. We look forward to new Day Stewards for the weekends, and encourage those with an interest to serve as an apprentice under an experienced Day Steward. As always, community support to staff each meal and to expand the number of Day Stewards is necessary to the success of a weekend.


Post Cum Christo
Rita Nobis

Post Cum Christo encourages the spiritual formation of community members through their frequent participation in the weekly Ultreyas. By being involved, members can fully benefit from the spirit of the movement. Post Cum Christo has been blessed to work with an eighteen member Permanent Ultreya Team (PUT) who ran the monthly Ultreyas, provided assistance with all social events and planned the Christmas giving project. PUT welcomes the growth of three new members to start the 1999 year.

Last year, the community dinner and summer and fall picnic events had record attendance. These events were very successful because of the support from many people.

In 1999, the loving spirit that abides at the center will continue to grow with all of your participation. Consider experiencing community and spiritual growth by signing up to be a member of an Ultreya team and by attending events the community provides. We can all grow with support from one another. The Post Cum Christo goal is to provide spiritual growth opportunities involving more of the community, which lessens the load on any one individual. We truly need to be one body as we grow in the spirit of Christ.


Leaders School
Rita King

The Leaders' School Team has the responsibility for the study and guidance of the Cum Christo Movement, keeping the essence of the Movement at the forefront of the community's life and activities. Leaders' School is responsible for the spiritual formation and ongoing study of Cum Christo and the training of its leaders.

Early last year, teaching talks were presented in an effort to make the study of the movement more of an ongoing process. These in-depth talks were presented bi-monthly prior to the Ultreya. Although these sessions were not as well attended as desired, still it was a growing process for those who did attend as well as for the Leaders' School Team. Other endeavors will be attempted in the future to promote further studies of the Cum Christo movement and its method.

The Seder Meal moved to First Congregational Church last year to accommodate more people. The wonderful kitchen facilities allowed our "creative Peterson brothers" to out do themselves. This was a very special and blessed evening in preparation for Holy Week. The Seder Meal will again be hosted by the Leaders School Team during Holy Week.

A group of 34 new leaders successfully completed the Weekend Orientation held in November. They have much to share and are eager to participate more fully in Cum Christo. If 30 participants sign up, an Orientation Weekend will be held in the Spring. The regularly scheduled Weekend Orientation will be held the second weekend in November.

Leaders' School is thrilled to have added four additional members: Judy Gibeaut, Joe Dicesare, Ted Sawyer and our Lay Director, Frank Jakob. Their experience adds value and refreshes the team. We praise and thank God for Tom Dlusky and his leadership and service these past several years as head of Leaders' School. Tom will be a hard act for me to follow.

The Leaders' School Team will continue to study ways to evolve and improve, but not change, the basic essence of the Cum Christo Movement. We are here to serve our Lord and the community in our environments.


Sonny Beem

The Service section coordinates the volunteers and services that maintain the Center. In the past couple of years, our old center has been transformed into a much warmer and more comfortable place. The stairway walls have been skim-coated and freshly painted. Many rooms, including the catacombs, have been painted. New carpet has been installed in the chapel and the team rooms, and used carpet in the candidates' bedrooms. Most of the materials were donated and volunteers have done much of the work. We acquired a wheelchair lift to assist anyone having difficulty climbing the stairs. Our Center is safer by the installation of smoke detectors throughout the building. Our most costly expenditure was the roof and soffit repair, which was necessary and enhances the building's appearance.

Our plans call for the installation of a ceiling over the pantry to increase desperately needed storage space. We need to improve the electrical service to the second floor lounge. We also need routine plumbing work done (repairing leaking toilets and sinks, etc.). While volunteers keep our annual costs low, we do hire these services when necessary. If you or your company would be interested in providing some of these services, please contact me.

Note that our Annual Clean-Up Day will be on February 20, 1999 at 8 AM; I hope and pray we will see many of you (with your groups!) since there is a lot of work that needs to get done.


Kathy Harbold

The Music Section is an integral part of all the Cum Christo weekends, Ultreyas and special functions.

The director of music role keeps a list of musicians in the community to be used for various functions, trains and directs musicians in the role music plays during Ultreya and on weekends, and helps each rector in the selection of musicians eligible for a weekend.

Each year the music section repairs and refurbishes the songbooks. In addition, the job of specifying and publishing a new songbook is in the works.


Chris Warren

The Quiri/Quiri is our main communication medium. It is published to inform the Cum Christo community of each weekend and to communicate important messages. During 1998, Gene Conrad completed his tenure as editor and I assumed that role. Last year, the Quiri/Quiri was published before each of the weekends. In 1999, we are planning six issues: one prior to each weekend, this annual report issue, and a mid-summer issue on basic Cum Christo/Cursillo topics.

The Quiri is also available online at our web site: http://members.aol.com/cumchristo along with other pertinent and interesting information. We are blessed to have a webservant, Phil Turner both to host and maintain the web site.

In addition to the Quiri and the web site, the office phone line (268-8141) has an "announcements" section. Current information is also posted on the bulletin boards on the first floor of the center.

Starting last year, and continuing into 1999 we will seek out opportunities to gain favorable press coverage (Catholic Times, The Columbus Dispatch, etc.) regarding our schedule of events and the basic premise of the Movement.


Jo Carnevale

The secretary records the minutes of the Secretariat meetings. Last year's minutes were recorded and distributed prior to or at each subsequent meeting.


Terry Walsh

The administrator provides the office support functions formerly provided by the diocese. Like all Cum Christo positions, it is a volunteer position. Besides routine office functions, the administrator maintains the community roster and mailing list, processes applications and correspondence, supports the voice mail messaging system, and maintains the rector's manuals, and the team formation materials.

Last year, all updating and reproduction was accomplished such that each 1999 rector and assistant rector received the full library of materials at the Rector's School session held last fall.


Mike Agriesti

See the annual financial report elsewhere in this Quiri. During 1998 the average monthly operating expenses ran 15 percent lower than those for the preceding year, 1997. However, due to significant one-time expenses associated with 1) the roof repair and 2) a wheelchair stair lift, our year-end cash position is the weakest financially as compared to the five previous years.

The initial response to the (later than usual) Sustaining Fund drive was excellent. At press time, two months into the drive, we have received over $17,000 towards our annual need. Donations in excess of need will go into the sustaining fund to make progress towards our goal of a three-year operating budget reserve.

Information about including Cum Christo in estate planning will be made available later this year.


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