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Frank Jakob

Cum Christo is a "movement", not an "organization". Its focused mission is to awaken the sleeping giant of faith in people's everyday environments. Cum Christo does not intend to become a new environment for people to add to their lives. Rather, Cum Christo is like a portal through which people pass, entering as individuals and leaving as part of a Christian community.

One of the environments that Cum Christos return to is the family, and many families include children, children of all ages. There are times when children are welcome and encouraged to attend Cum Christo events, and there are times when they are not. Except for Serenades and Closings, we have no hard and fast rules. We do have some generally acceptable, common sense situations. Children of team members are welcome, and encouraged, to attend the Team Commissioning Service that takes place prior to the team dinner the Thursday of every Cum Christo weekend. In fact, a child has a role to play during the service, offering a prayer on behalf of all children of team members as their parent is absent from the permanent home environment, and present at the temporary weekend environment. Children are welcome at several of the Fourth Day special events that take place each year. First of all, there is the summer Ultreyafest, the food and fun festival in the parking lot down at the center, at which the whole family is welcome. This year it is on August 18th. Second, there is the fall Picnic potluck that is scheduled for Sunday, October 31. Third, there is the Yuletreya Christmas celebration in December of each year. Finally, if your children are willing to help on clean-up days the Monday before and after a weekend, and one or two specially scheduled Saturdays during the year, they are welcomed to join you! There are other Fourth Day events at which children would not be appropriate. The Community Dinner, scheduled for January 28, 2000 is an adult affair, better suited to an evening out with your spouse and friends. The Passover Seder is a long service, with food typically not appreciated by children. Leader's School Weekend Orientation is for Cum Christos only. What about children at Ultreya? The subject matter of a serious witness talk may be inappropriate and sometimes frightening for young, growing minds. Attempts have been made in the past for parents to take turns providing childcare in the team room on the first floor as others attend the Ultreya on the second floor. If there are Cum Christos who would like to resurrect this practice, you are welcome to do so. Contact the head of the Post-Cum Christo section and the Permanent Ultreya Team, Jill McGregor W109 if you are interested in organizing or participating in this. The Serenade and the Closing are uniquely Cum Christo events, integrally designed parts of the weekend. Thus, the Cum Christo By-Laws stipulate that "No one from outside the Cum Christo community, especially children, shall be invited to attend a Serenade or a Closing." In fact, bringing any child to the Center during a weekend is discouraged, especially children of team members and most importantly children of candidates. Bringing children to Serenade is inappropriate because it disrupts the designed flow of the weekend. The emotional tug of children, even other people's children, on the hearts of team and candidates during the weekend is misaligned with the mission and method of the movement. Also, since not all children of all weekend participants would ever make it to a Serenade there will be thoughts, questions and doubts raised about "why not my children?," leading to a disruption in the flow of the weekend for that candidate. For these reasons, sponsors, serenaders, day stewards, and kitchen workers are asked to refrain from bringing children to the center during weekends. Bringing children to Closings is inappropriate. The ceremony is long. The content of a Closing has a mature, adult theme. In fact, only Cum Christos, Cursillistas, and members of other Fourth Day Communities are appropriately invited to attend Closings. I love children. I have the two greatest children in the world. I love this Movement. I have loved it since I made my weekend 20 years ago. For over ten of those years, Martina and I focussed on our family. Our participation in our Parish and in the kid's schools took precedence. Now they can care for themselves and we have the time and the chance to reach out, since Cum Christo has a special place in our hearts. So we are involved again. I have been through the experience. I see the value in these principles regarding children and Cum Christo. I expect you do to. If you don't, pray about it then talk to me.

Mary Struble

"Make a friend, be a friend, bring that friend to Christ". Each of us have experienced a strengthening of our faith in Christ through our Cum Christo weekends and Fourth Days. Each of us needs only turn to our friends to find the leaders of our environments who will benefit from a closer relationship with Christ through a Cum Christo weekend. The Pre-Cum Christo Section has established contacts within our church communities who are helping us sponsor leaders by making Cum Christo more visible. It is through articles in church bulletins, pulpit announcements, open house meetings, potluck dinners, bulletin board posters, and brochures in the back of the church that the Pre-Cum Christo representatives are laying the foundation for our future candidates to say "yes". The most recent innovation in the Pre-Cum Christo Section is to divide the Central Ohio Area into 9 sections (Northland, South, East, West, Northwest, North High, Central, Marion/Delaware, and Knox/Licking) with contacts representing each area. This core committee will be responsible for helping the contacts in their sections to support the sponsoring of candidates for weekends. This could include supplying brochures, applications, flyers, hosting meetings to discuss all aspects of sponsoring candidates, supplying information about the movement, reporting to the sections head of any changes in church contacts and attending the biyearly Pre-Cum Christo meetings and a yearly Core Committee meeting. To identify your contact, a list of names, churches and Core Committee members will be posted on the bulletin board at the Center and on the web page. This is all designed to help you because Christ is counting on you for the final sponsorship of candidates! Do not let full weekends and waiting lists deter you. With enough candidates we will schedule more weekends.



Rev. Donna Neidhardt W51 is organizing an eight night Holyland Tour for our community beginning November 3, 1999. Fr. Tom Cadden M105 and Rev. Donna Neidhardt W51 will lead the tour. An optional three night extension to Rome is also offered. Call Donna at 326-3022(H) or 459-5455(W) for more information. Interest questionnaires and fliers are available at the Center.


After the first five months we have collected $20,365. This is 81% of the minimum 1999 goal set at $25,000. One time or monthly donations may be sent to: Columbus Cum Christo PO Box 163712 Columbus OH, 43216-3712


Frank Jakob M57

As was discussed in the January "Annual Report" issue of the Quiri, several of the leadership positions on Secretariat are opening up in 1999. Such positions are researched and appointed by the Lay Director, with guidance from the incumbent, members of Secretariat, and the Leaders' School Team. We now have a wonderful new person in charge of the Post-Cum Christo section: Jill McGregor W109. Jill is of course active in her home church, Ascension Lutheran. She has also been a pillar of the Permanent Ultreya Team (PUT) for some time. Those of you who heard her witness at a Closing a few years ago, and at Ultreya a few weeks ago, know what a special person she is and how matter-of-factly her faith is part of her life. Pray and offer palanca for her as she assumes this leadership role. If you have been involved in any of the Fourth Day activities over the past two years, you know that you have been touched by an angel. Rita Nobis W108 is the outgoing head of the Post-Cum Christo section. Rita has been an untiring worker, leading the PUT, helping with picnics and dinners pitching in at the slightest necessity to do any element of the Lord's work involving everything from toilets to tabernacles. She leaves wanting to continue working in her role but knowing that there are other matters to which she must attend. Pray and offer palanca for her as she relinquishes this leadership role.



Charlie Baker Bob Beightler John Bolen
Stephen Brunner Joseph Capobianco Tom Clark
Pete Drake Louis Elias Bill Ferguson
Ed Fyffe Patrick Glanzman Tom Jackson
Thomas James Rich Krehnovi Rick Kruse
John Mack Jim McMahon Hank Mensing
Hal Merz Mike Myers Jim Radel
Paul Riedinger Gary Sabel Br. Sal Sammarco
Larry Sanchez Conrado Sanguyu Michael Schmidt
Milt Schott Louis Schwartz Doug Suits
Patrick Tighe Lyle Vradenburg Ken Weise
Dave Wenger Tom Wilson


Did you know the essence of Palanca is sacrifice? Greeting cards, banners, computer generated spiffy graphics, candy, food, gifts and the like are not palanca. Those things may carry the message of palanca. In and of themselves, the vehicle is not palanca. The message, a message of prayer and sacrifice, is palanca. Did you know all musicians, experienced or not, are encouraged and welcome to attend serenades, closings, social events, and Ultreyas? Come early to tune up, learn the ropes, and play for the Lord!




Palanca notes should be at the Center by Saturday AM of the weekend (Sponsor/Spouse/Guardian Angel by Friday PM). If you are a spouse, sponsor or guardian angel, indicate so on the outside of the envelope to ensure delivery to your candidate at the appropriate time. Please take the time to write extra Palanca letters addressed "Dear Babe Chick." Attach a note indicating that these letters are extras for those candidates who may be short on Palanca notes. Palanca from strangers is powerful stuff. Help the new babe chicks feel the love of our Community through Palanca.


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VIGIL: If your name is on the following Vigil List, please be sure that your hour is covered; by you or by a Cursillista of your selection. If at all possible, fulfill your vigil at the Center Chapel, which is open between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. (except Saturday between 1:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. for Table Visits). A sign-in sheet is provided on the window sill outside the chapel. Even if your name does not appear on the list below, you may still go to the Center to participate in the vigil. Remember: Christ is counting on you!

Thursday Friday Saturday
8 pm - Fran Dennis 8 pm - Jim McMahon 8 pm - Patrick Glanzman
9 pm - Rev. Art Haimerl 9 pm - Hal Merz 9 pm - Tom Jackson
10 pm - Robin Henry 10 pm - Scott & Michele Uber 10 pm - Nancy Hartshorn
11 pm - William Schureck 11 pm - Jessie Reissig 11 pm - Fr. Paul Enke
12 mid - David Zartman 12 mid - Fr. Kenneth Grimes 12 mid - Susan Willeke
Friday Saturday Sunday
1 am - Saundra Lewis 1 am - Al & Kathleen Hoffman 1 am - Chris Tinnerello
2 am - Lyndel Howard 2 am - Dean & Erma Lewis 2 am - Odella Welch
3 am - Sr. Camilla Smith 3 am - John & Claire Shary 3 am - Fred & Michele Harrison
4 am - William & Barbara Eberts 4 am - Julie Garvey 4 am - Richard & Jeanne McKenzie
5 am - Gladys Lehew 5 am - Bertha Karrer 5 am - Ramona Nash
6 am - Biddie Clark 6 am - Dick & Suzann Klein 6 am - Bobbie Reynolds
7 am - Tony D'Alberto 7 am - Lockie McGill 7 am - Terrence & Donna Ryan
8 am - Jean Dones 8 am - Thomas James 8 am - Mary Thill
9 am - Paul & Margaret Oborn 9 am - Rich Krehnovi 9 am - Br. Sal Sammarco
10 am - Jack Olson 10 am - Charlie Baker 10 am - Larry Sanchez
11 am - Mike Myers 11 am - Bob Beightler 11 am - Conrado Sanguyu
12 pm - Rick Kruse 12 pm - John Bolen 12 pm - Michael Schmidt
1 pm - Hank Mensing 1 pm - Stephen Brunner 1 pm - Milt Schott
2 pm - John Mack 2 pm - Joseph Capobianco 2 pm - Dave Wenger
3 pm - Paul Riedinger 3 pm - Tom Clark 3 pm - Doug Suits
4 pm - Gary Sabel 4 pm - Pete Drake 4 pm - Lyle Vradenburg
5 pm - Jim Radel 5 pm - Louis Elias 5 pm - Patrick Tighe
6 pm - Ellen Soppe 6 pm - Bill Ferguson 6 pm - Ken Weise
7 pm - Kenneth Kerscher 7 pm - Ed Fyffe 7 pm - Louis Schwartz
8 pm - Tom Wilson


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  • Hugs to Melissa Smith (W119) on the birth of her daughter on April 7th.
  • For the healing of Father Tom Shonebarger (M28).
  • For Kathy Rex's (W65) nephew.
  • For John Peterson (M97) and his family: on the death of a young nephew.
  • For John Peterson's (M97) father-in-law who is dying of cancer.
  • For Kathy Rex (W65), who is recovering from surgery.
  • For the Mother of Michelle Blais (W118), diagnosed with cancer.
  • For Fr. James Berendt (Pastor, Holy Cross), who is very ill.
  • For Cathy Agriesti's (W46) continued recovery from foot/leg surgery.
  • For Fr. Carl Clagett (M2), who suffered a stroke.

    Prayers of the Faithful:

    Pre-Cum Christo contacts: Please have your church use this petition at Sunday services during each weekend: "For the candidates of the Women's 120th Cum Christo at the Holy Cross Cursillo Center this weekend, that they answer God's call to bring their faith alive in their day to day environments, we pray to the Lord" … "Lord hear our prayer."


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SPONSORS: Please remember your commitment to "Pre" and "Post" Cum Christo clean up. Cleaning begins at 7:00 PM the Monday before and the Monday following the weekend. If you are unable to help, you need to secure someone to take your place. Many hands make short work.
FOOD: Please call VERONCIA WOLFE W109, 445-6137 (H) or 443-8800 (W) if you are planning to donate any food for the Weekend. As always, your help is WELCOMED and NEEDED.
KITCHEN: Please call VERONICA WOLFE W109, 445-6137(H) or 443-8800 (W) to volunteer either as a day steward or to help prepare a meal. Fridays are particularly hard to staff. If you are not a sponsor, nor the spouse or immediate family member of a team member participating in the Weekend and have time available, please call to offer your help.
PALANCA: GENERAL Palanca is introduced to the Candidates on Friday afternoon. Do not neglect this important type of Palanca. Get PERSONAL Palanca to the Center early, no later than Saturday noon, so that it can be sorted and evenly distributed to the Candidates and Team. Be sure to write your relationship on the envelope (spouse, guardian angel, parishioner, family, friend, etc…) Personal Palanca in the form of gifts is distributed to candidates before the Closing.
SERENADE: Sunday - Will begin promptly at 6:00 AM. Please do not bring children. Optional Breakfast at TeeJay's on Dublin Road immediately following the Serenade. Please join us.
CLOSING: The Closing will be Sunday, May 23, 1999, 7:00 PM at St. Dominic's Catholic Church, 453 North 20th Street, Columbus, OH. To offer assistance with Closing arrangements and refreshments call Helen McKinley W110 on 475-6720 or Lillian Jackson W107 on 846-8725. Bringing children and guests is inappropriate. Only Cum Christos should attend closings.

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Women's 120th May 20-23, 1999
Men's 130th September 23-26, 1999
Women's 121st October 21-24, 1999
Men's 131st April 6-9, 2000
Women's 122nd May 18-21, 2000
Men's 132nd Sept.28-Oct. 1, 2000
Women's 123rd October 26-29, 2000

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5/17/99 Pre-Women's Weekend Cleanup
5/24/99 Post-Women's Weekend Cleanup
8/18/99 Ultreyafest (6:00-9:00PM)
Summer 1999 Center Clean-up Day (TBD)
9/11/99 Pre Cum Christo Coordinators
10/31/99 (Sunday) Picnic (1:00-4:00PM)
11/12-13/99 Weekend Orientation
12/15/99 Yuletreya
1/28/00 Annual Dinner

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