September 1999


From the Lay DirectorFrank Jakob M57

While travelling on vacation in July, my family spent a Saturday night in Rochester NY. Sunday morning we attended Mass at a nearby church. A story about the wise king Solomon was read. The homilist for the day talked about Cursillo and preached on a facet of Cursillo that we, in Cum Christo, do not emphasize enough, “spiritual direction.” That is, seeking to have a “Solomon” in our lives, not to pray for us or study for us or act for us, but to guide us in those things.

On Sunday morning of a Cum Christo weekend, during the “Life in Grace” talk, the service sheet (grouping card) is distributed to the candidates. The specific details of Group Reunion are discussed later in the day during the Rector’s talk. In ”The Life in Grace” talk, one of the weekend’s Spiritual Directors describes the need to have “spiritual direction” in our lives.

We all have people in our lives who guide us in various aspects of living: parents, teachers, counselors, coaches, spouses, bartenders, financial advisors, traffic cops, etc. These people help guide us in our intellectual, emotional and physical lives. A spiritual director is someone (ideally a trained, ordained religious person, or in a pinch, an experienced Christian whose life and experience you respect) from whom you can derive direction for your own personal spiritual development.

If you live the lesson of Cum Christo, you are affecting your environments with Christ. You are in contact with Christ through all three legs of the tripod: piety, study and action. You are sharing, supporting and strengthening your Christian commitment through contact with your Christian community in Group Reunion or attending Ultreya. And you are tying it all together with spiritual direction in your life.

If you have a spiritual director, value that person. If you lack one, find one. Attend Ultreya and consult with the evening’s Spiritual Director about it. Spiritual direction is the path you follow in your Christian walk. Find it and follow it.


Welcome Babe Chicks of the Womens 120th

Karen Baker Kath Huntsaker Sandy Runyon
Maggie Beightler Ellie Jackson Angelita Sanguyu
Nancy Bolen Deb LaRocque Christine Schiltz
Luzvminda Calo Laurie Little Melissa Schmidt
Nancy Essman Kay Lonas Becca Schott
Dana Glanzman Jackie Mack Janet Schwartz
Verna Greise Sheila Malin Sharon Shelton
Delores Harrison Diana McMahon Sally Tobias
Liz Henry Clara Nyambuya Connie Vradenburg
Kim Herman Linda Potts Reba Myers Walkling
JoAnn Homan Ann Riedinger Deanna Wilson
Beth Howell Pat Robb


The Team of the Men's 130th

Dick Struble M77, Tom Dlusky M103, Fr. Leo Connolly M85, Rev. Art Haimerl M114, Deacon Dick Baumann M4, Bob Turner M70, Larry Woods M57, Richard Bailey M118, Ron Termeer M123, Tom Craft M61, Terry Bovinet M124, Mike Sullivan M125, Mike Sharkey M99, Mark Pruse M98, Bob McKnight M86, Rita King W67 and Rita Nobis W108.


Tentative Candidates
Men's 130th Cum Christo
September 23-26, 1999

David Applegate
Deacon Tony Bonacci
Brian Barta
Irvin and Nancy Barta
Gary Buhr
Tim Shea
Bob Bukovec
Bill Gibeaut
Michael Dorrian
John Dorrian
Mark Foley
Pete Bohley
Doug Grilliot
Jackie Abbott Bovinet
Dave Held
Rick Simmonds
Fred Helser
Peggy Dlusky
Dave Hritzak
Patrick Connors
Chuck Johns
Mary Johns
Bernie Leitwein
Teri Leitwein
Tom Lisk
Alan Mooney
John Mackenzie
Sandy Goggins
John Martin
Tony Bonacci
Joseph Morman
Mary Johns
Tim Peterson
Chris Warren
Eric Pindell
Don Utter
Dan Rozzo
Michael Elisco
Chris Sanese
George Blubaugh
Joe Sauline
Darrek Robertson
Daniel Shank
Tony Petrarca
Bob Short
Dan Lau
Tim Stein
Greg Stein
Rick Studer
Rev. James Long
Gary Tidwell
Ken Lutter

A complete and updated list of candidates will be available at Ultreya 9/22/99 (Guardian Angel night) … and also available 24 hr/day from the fax-on-demand line 268-8141 and the web site.


Weekend Reminders

SPONSORS: Please remember your commitment to "Pre" and "Post" Cum Christo weekend clean up. Cleaning begins at 7:00 PM the Monday before and the Monday following the weekend. If you are unable to help, you need to find someone to take your place. Many hands make short work.

FOOD: Please call VERONCIA WOLFE W109, 445-6137 (H) or 443-8800 (W), if you are planning to donate any food for the Weekend. As always, your help is welcomed and NEEDED.

KITCHEN: Please call VERONICA WOLFE W109, 445-6137(H) or 443-8800 (W), to volunteer either as a day steward or to help prepare a meal. Fridays are particularly hard to staff. If you are neither a sponsor, nor the spouse (or family) of a team member or candidate participating in the Weekend and can sacrifice the time, please call and offer your help.

PALANCA: The essence of Palanca is a message of sacrifice. Write extra Palanca notes addressed “Dear Babe Chick” for candidates you do not know. Palanca from strangers is powerful stuff. GENERAL Palanca is introduced on Friday afternoon; deliver it as early as possible Friday morning. personal Palanca from sponsors, spouse/family, and guardian angels is introduced on Saturday afternoon; deliver it by mid-morning Saturday and write your relationship to the candidate on the envelope. Palanca from the community is distributed Saturday evening; deliver it no later than mid-day Saturday so it can be sorted and evenly distributed. Palanca in the form of gifts is distributed late Sunday afternoon before the Closing.

SERENADE: Sunday - Will begin promptly at 6:00 AM. Please do not bring children. Optional Breakfast at TeeJay's on Dublin Road immediately following the Serenade. Please join us.



The Closing will be Sunday, September 23, 1999, 7:00 PM at Ascension Lutheran Church, 1479 Morse Road (on Morse Road, between I-71 and Karl Road). To offer assistance with Closing arrangements and refreshments call Hope and Steve Boring W108/M118 at 885-0437. All Cum Christos and other Cursillistas are welcome to attend closings. Bringing children or guests is inappropriate.


Vigil List for the Mens 130th

8:00 PM James & Linda Howe
9:00 PM Mary Lou Perdue
10:00 PM Sarah Vallely
11:00 PM Don & Sue Cruickshank
12:00 AM Jane Gross
1:00 AM Roger & Pat Heckel
2:00 AM Thomas Lynch Jr
3:00 AM Jim & Dee Smiley
4:00 AM Tom & Mary Sue Baumann
5:00 AM C Ashby Dean
6:00 AM Mary Franz
7:00 AM Luther & Marie Gunsett
8:00 AM Lucy Giammarco
9:00 AM Ruth Igel
10:00 AM Lou & Carol Marcy
11:00 AM Mary Beth McCallister
12:00 PM Marrie Saas
1:00 PM Kathy Huntsaker
2:00 PM Ellie Jackson
3:00 PM Deb LaRocque
4:00 PM Laurie Little
5:00 PM Kay Lonas
6:00 PM Jackie Mack
7:00 PM Sheila Malin
8:00 PM Diana McMahon
9:00 PM Clara Nyambuya
10:00 PM Pat & Peggy O'Donovan
11:00 PM Carmine & Vienna D'Alberto
12:00 AM George & Linda Norris
1:00 AM Don & Jean Park
2:00 AM Chuck Romano
3:00 AM Alan & Therese Gaulke
4:00 AM Bob & Mary White
5:00 AM Henry & Jean Stough
6:00 AM Lucy Giammarco
7:00 AM Alan & Cris Capocciama
8:00 AM ERuss & Cecelia Crabtree
9:00 AM Linda Potts
10:00 AM Karen Baker
11:00 AM Maggie Beightler
12:00 PM Nancy Bolen
1:00 PM Luzvminda Calo
2:00 PM Nancy Essman
3:00 PM Dana Glanzman
4:00 PM Verna & Walter Greise
5:00 PM Delores Harrison
6:00 PM Liz Henry
7:00 PM Kim Herman
8:00 PM JoAnn Homan
9:00 PM Beth Howell
10:00 PM Terry & Jackie Bovinet
11:00 PM David & Roberta Will
12:00 AM Fr. Frank Miller
1:00 AM Jean Bowers
2:00 AM Anne Marie Brown
3:00 AM Karen Orsini
4:00 AM Bill & Yvette Pederson
5:00 AM Mike & Melinda O'Donnell
6:00 AM Steve Powell
7:00 AM Tom & Trudy Cravens
8:00 AM Ann Riedinger
9:00 AM Pat Robb
10:00 AM Sandy Runyon
11:00 AM Angelita Sanguyu
12:00 PM Christine Schiltz
1:00 PM Melissa Schmidt
2:00 PM Becca Schott
3:00 PM Janet Schwartz
4:00 PM Sharon Shelton
5:00 PM Sally Tobias
6:00 PM Connie Vradenburg
7:00 PM Reba Myers Walkling
8:00 PM Deanna Wilson


Did You Know?

Did you know that the founders of Cursillo asserted that the Diocese was the laErgest organizational unit of Cursillo with ultimate control in the hands of the local Bishop? When Fr. Eduardo Bonnin, one of the founders, was asked by a Cursillista at a conference at Notre Dame about ecumenical weekends he said that was not an issue in predominately-Catholic Spain. In the more diverse United States, within the Columbus movement we discerned that to penetrate environments, it was necessary to draw in leaders from other Christian denominations. Thus, the Bishop affirmed this character of Cum Christo in 1970, as has each subsequent Bishop. Cum Christo = Together with Christ.


Special Request - Spanish Speaking

En busca de: Cursillistas hispanohablantes que tengan algun interes en ayudar con los Cursillos en Cristiandad en espanol. Llamen la oficina-268-8141 y dejen un mensaje con nombre y numero.

(Wanted: Spanish speaking Cursillistas with an interest in helping with a Spanish Cursillo weekend. Contact the office at 268-8141 and leave your name and number.)


Hugs and Prayers




Men's 130th September 23-26, 1999
Women's 121st October 21-24, 1999
Men's 131st April 6-9, 2000
Women's 122nd May 18-21, 2000
Men's 132nd Sept.28-Oct. 1, 2000
Women's 123rd October 26-29, 2000
Men's 133rd (to be scheduled in 2000 after receiving abundant applications)
Women's 124th



Every Wednesday 8:00 PM
10/31/99 Sunday Picnic (1:00-4:00PM)
11/3-12/99 Holyland Pilgrimage
11/12-13/99 Weekend Orientation
12/15/99 Yuletreya
1/28/00 Annual Dinner
Feb 2000 Spring Cleanup
4/19/00 Seder Meal
6/2-3/00 Weekend Orientation
August 2000 Ultreyafest Picnic
11/10-11/00 Weekend Orientation


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