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2020 Financial Statement

Notes on the Financial Statement 2020

Due to a lack of weekends and physical Ultreyas, some of the income accounts were greatly affected when compared to last year’s (2019).

The Sustaining Fund came in at $1,970.92 under last year. This is attributed to a postal issue which caused donations to be returned to the sender. A notice was emailed to the community to advise those who experienced this error to resubmit their offering. Your offerings help maintain future needs of the Cum Christo community and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Income from weekends was $7,770.00 below last year as weekends were cancelled due to the Pandemic.

The day of Reflection, Seder Meal, and Wine Tasting event granted a gain of $135.34. Our Annual Seder Meal granted a loss of $234.33 as we had to cancel the event after purchases were made in anticipation of the event.

Music Fees were increased by $108.67 as the Board approved an additional fee to be capable of using an expanded catalog of songs.

Website expenses increased $599.08 to obtain additional services to improve communications and marketing.

There is a new account entitled Database-Email Marketing. In conjunction with the website transition, the Board authorized the expenditure of $2,788.56 to help convert our database where Cursillistas can maintain their personal information. This should help improve our emailing list as well as provide accurate data for team selection. The Board would like to acknowledge Greg Bergman and family for their dedication in maintaining the database prior to this transition.

Compared to last year 2019, our revenues were $11,427.14 less, and the Outflows were $8,590.50 less. Our total cash flow for 2020 was $2,836.64 below last year, which is a 39% decrease.