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Christmas Letter from Lay Director 2020

Fellow Cursillistas,

How does one start to express the joy of this Christmas season after experiencing a year of uncertainty, restrictive change and disappointments? Writing this letter alone has been a challenging task as it has been through the wringer of my heart and soul for some time.

The current pandemic has restricted our ability to bring friends to Christ, to gather after a Cursillista entered their fifth day, and it has and continues to generate doubts about the future of our community. This is truly a time when our faith is being tested, and we in turn must accept that God will prevail. He will not and has not abandoned us.

Perhaps this period of challenge should cause each of us to embrace this Christmas season with a stronger spirit than we have in years past. Christ was born to show us the way, and to let us know that He will always be with us. Yet, we cannot simply wait on the side of the road for His next coming like riders waiting for a bus. We need to embrace the Christmas spirit this year more than ever, and walk our fourth day paths until our 4th day has ended.

Cum Christo provides activities that aid us in our 4th day walks. While the physical activities that are synonymous with Cum Christo may appear to have been placed on a shelf, there are events of which you may be unaware, that persist although in an alternate mode. It then follows I should enumerate what is available. I ask each one of you to seriously consider and commit to participating in these events for the sake of the community and its future.

  1. Monthly Virtual Ultreyas are scheduled every first Wednesday of the Month via ZOOM. If you need help with the ZOOM program, let me know and I will provide assistance. Some groups use ZOOM to maintain their grouping activity.
  2. Ultreya Volunteers Needed:
    Get involved with little experience and time commitment.
    For more information email Hope Boring or Jim Keating or on Facebook to be involved! We Zoom meet at 5:30pm on the day of Ultreya for logistics and prayer. A script is prepared for you so you can follow along.
    Leadership Volunteers Needed:
    It is always a blessing, honor and privilege to serve God in any capacity in the Cum Christo Movement. Christ is counting on you.
  3. Our annual YULETREYA collection is attempting to commence. This year we are asking for toiletries and personal hygiene items for the food pantry at St. James the Less which is the facility where we hold our weekends. There is a need for leaders to help with this collection. If you are interested in coordinating the collection of goods in the east, west, or southern area of the Columbus area, please contact Ed Cush for further details. We will be collecting these items through February and plan to deliver them in early March. We will keep the community updated as leaders are established. The poor need our help, and providing this assistance is a fabulous example of what being a Cursillista is all about.
  4. Unfortunately, the most important activity of holding a weekend remains uncertain. While the distribution and inoculation of the vaccine against the COVID-19 virus is progressing, the medical experts are forecasting that a return to normal activities will occur in mid-summer. Add to this timeline the issue that the St James Ministry Center will have to be cleaned and sanitized before the center will become available. These factors require us to acknowledge that the earliest weekend may not be possible until 2022, but keep hope in your hearts as this timetable is an estimate based on educated guesses. This timing is open to change and as a result, we must keep working to bring friends to Christ, and not be discouraged. Making a friend, and being a friend takes time and does not occur over a few weeks. Let us use the year of 2021 as a time when we make and be friends so that we will be ready when the next weekend becomes possible. Recall the story of the wise and foolish virgins. We need to be in the party of the wise by making and being friends now so that we can bring those friends to Christ once the conditions permit.

In closing, I wish to personally thank the Board of Trustees, Leader School, and members of the Secretariat for their continuous support this past year, and for maintaining the importance of the Cum Christo Community in their hearts and through their commitments. It is through their dedication that our community continues through these uncertain times.

May each of you experience a renewed Christmas Spirit this year, and may our prayers for each other provide the support needed during both this Christmas Season of 2020 and the New Year to come.

Peace and De Colores!
Jim Keating, Lay Director