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Current Pandemic Situation

Update from Lay Director

Fellow Cursillistas,

June 28, 2020
There is one positive that I can attribute to the current Pandemic situation. It’s the recognition that some people decided to adapt to the situation rather than blame their troubles on the situation and sit in isolation. As an example, there are restaurateurs who emphasized their carry out potential rather than shutter their doors. There are manufacturing companies that retooled their production lines to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). While these efforts are not producing the profit levels that were experienced prior to the shutdown,the adaptations provided work for those who otherwise would have had no occupation. They decided to adapt and not isolate themselves from the situation. So what is Cum Christo’s response to the Pandemic? Sadly, I feel that I have failed to provide proper leadership in this area. Having recognized the positive attitudes of those who are adapting,my goal is to move on,and with your help, avoid a repeat of this stagnation by adapting. The wording of “with your help”is intentional. Innovation is not a one person show, and I am counting on our community to help provide possible suggestions to move on. Cum Christo must remain as vibrant as possible to survive even if it is at a lower participatory level. We can’t shutter our community, and complain about how the Pandemic has negatively impacted us until we rise out the storm.

Currently, Leader School is preparing for the day when the next weekend can take place. The talks given by team members are being reviewed and modified with the goal of updating the presentations. This will include the possible use of Audio visuals to increase the impact of the talk, especially for the tech savvy generation that is at our door. Leader School is also working on a Virtual Ultreya program via ZOOM to fill the void left by not having our monthly gatherings. Hopefully, our first virtual Ultreya will take place in Mid to Late July 2020. Keep vigilant and watch for further information on this happening.

These are two items being addressed, but as members of our community, I am asking you to get involved. Email me with suggestions as to how we can revitalize our community spirit. If you have possible suggestions on how your proposal can be fulfilled, include that in the email. Christ is counting on me and you to make this happen.

Sponsors for the last Women’s Weekend, don’t forget to stay in touch with your candidate! They need to know that they have not been forgotten.

Peace and De Colores!

Jim Keating, Lay Director