Looking for a Group or Group Vacancy?

Check this list for others looking for a group or a group vacancy that might work for you. If you would like to be listed here looking for a group or have a vacancy please fill out the online form at the bottom of this page.

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Looking for a Group List

Meeting Day: any morning of week around 8am
Area Preferred: Worthington
Name: Kerri Stratford  W88  (The Diocese of Orlando)
Email: kerris1072@gmail.com
Phone: 407-375-2497
Comments: We just moved back here after 15 years in Florida. We were very active in the Cursillo movement in Orlando and would love to begin grouping again now that we are settling in.
Posted on 10/14/2019

Area Preferred: North Columbus
Name: John Franz M159
Email: ranzjp030254@gmail.com
Phone: 614-885-0117 home 614-477-3751 work
Posted on 6/5/2019

Area Preferred: Clintonville
Email: information@croneil.com
Name: Patricia Brown
Phone: 740-497-0673
Comments: I drive from Mt. Sterling to Clintonville any location in between is doable. I also have use of a small meeting room in my Clintonville office. Best way to reach me is by phone after 7pm
Posted on 03/19/2019

Area Preferred: Westerville
Name: Joan K Sylveste W158
Phone: 614-315-3190
Posted on 11/8/2018

Area Preferred: North Columbus
Days/Times: Saturdays
Email: trainor.cheryl2@yahoo.com
Name: Cheryl Trainor W140
Comments: I live in the Newark, Ohio area. I am looking for a group that meets on Saturdays.
Posted on 8/15/2018

Area Preferred: Columbus
Email: pdharris04@gmail.com
Name: Pam Harris W432 (Richmond, Virginia)
Phone: 804-912-8659
Comments: I'm interested in grouping hours in the evening during the week or Saturday mornings.
Posted on 07/31/2018

Area Preferred: Westerville/New Albany/Gahanna
Email: p.wallace@paulwallacelaw.com
Name: Paul Wallace
Phone: 614 565-5891
Comments: Almost anytime would fit.
Posted on 10/15/2017

Area Preferred: Columbus
Email: franz-j@sbcglobal.net
Name: John Franz M159
Phone: 614-885-0117
Posted on 4/2/2017

Area Preferred: Hilliard, campus area, Upper Arlington, or Worthington
Email: keithhtt@hotmail.com
Name: Keith Talbot M159
Comments: Hi, email is the best for me. I will be moving soon and may lost the phone #.
Posted on 4/2/2017

Area Preferred: Bexley
Days/Times: Weekend group would work best.
Email: jfpteach@gmail.com
Name: Jane Peden
Comments: Call 614-325-5744
Posted on 1/29/2017

Group Vacancy List

Meeting Day: We group Tuesdays 6:30 AM  but are flexible about the day
Location: Sawmill and Bethel; would consider changing
Contact Person: Jim Kearns
Contact Email: rjkearns1@gmail.com
Comments: Present members: Jim Kearns, Dan Beale, Ralph Kownack
Posted on 10/24/2018

Meeting Day: Saturday at 7:30-9:00 AM
Location: Bob Evans in Graceland Shopping Center
Contact Person: Dave Frickey
Contact Email: dfrickey@cas.org
Comments: Present members: Dave Frickey and Jim Weaver.
Contact: Dave Frickey at 614-268-3828 (H), 614-447-3600 ext. 2130 (W), or above email.
Posted on 8/15/2018

If you are a member of Cum Christo and looking for a group or have a vacancy in an existing group fill out the online form below.