2017 Men’s 159th Cum Christo Weekend

De Colores to the cursillistas of the Cum Christo community of believers

Praise God for his glory!
We had 14 men attend this past Men’s weekend to renew their faith. We welcomed the new Babe chicks into our greater community at the closing and heard how the Holy Spirit touched each of their hearts.

In a Cum Christo first, we ended the closing crowded into an enclosed hallway off the church sanctuary, singing ‘Let There be Peace on Earth’ while waiting for a tornado warning to expire.

Brian Maloney and Jim Andriot

Fr. Jerry Rodenfels, Deacon Tony Bonacci, Rev. Bonnie Gerber

Table Leaders:
Steve Becker, John Fleck, Mark Fleming, Jack Frost, Dick Gehman, Dan Hill (musician), Don Liszkay, Tom Nance, Bill Pederson, Chuck Wilhelm

Weekend Servants:
Mary Murtha, Eloise Keating

# Candidate Sponsor Church
1 Rudolph Chayadi Deb Hill Holy Rosary St. John
2 Levi Crotinger Steve Becker Powell Christian Church
3 John Franz Bob Franz St. Anthony
4 Charles Janes Dave Hopkins St. Elizabeth Seton
5 Andrew Johanni Jim Kearns St. Thomas More Newman Center
6 Joe Latona John Todd St. Brendan
7 Elton Lee Michael Chambers Vineyard Columbus
8 Al Muth Ed Cush St. Paul
9 Jim Reese Jim Kearns St. Thomas More Newman Center
10 Jon Santini Jr. Tony Bonacci St. Joseph
11 Gregory Stype Jim Kearns St. Thomas More Newman Center
12 Keith Talbot Tami Ritter New Hope Christian Church
13 Paul Wallace Mike Dove Church of the Resurrection
14 Ned Williams Frank Martens St. Thomas More Newman Center

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