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Ultreya Announcements – March, 2021

1) There will be a 5th Day Service for Father Justin Reis this Sunday, March 7, 2021 starting at 7:00 PM. The service will take place at Saint Peter’s Catholic Church at 6899 Smoky Row Road in Columbus. Those who feel safe in attending will be required to follow proper COVID-19 protocols namely wear a mask and maintain proper social distances. It goes without saying that like his brother Mike, Father Justin put Cum Christo high on his priority list and served numerous times as Spiritual Director at weekends and Ultreyas. I encourage everyone to consider attending this service if you feel safe doing so.

2) Our next Virtual Ultreya is scheduled to take place on April 7, 2021 @ 7:00pm. Please note that we initiate the ZOOM Meeting Room at 6:45pm in hopes that many of you will sign on before 7:00pm so that you can meet some of those you may not have seen in a while as well as allow us to begin the Ultreya at 7:00pm. Your early sign on will be appreciated.

3) On February 13th, Cum Christo held the annual Day of Reflection. I along with all of Leader School want to once again thank Mo Meuse for her time and dedication in putting together a great day. We are receiving comments about the possibility of having a second Day of Reflection. Leader School is pursuing that possibility, and want to hear from you. You can send comments about this idea to Hope Boring the Head of Leader School. Please reference “Day of Reflection” to help highlight your response.

4) We also want to thank our volunteers who helped fill the roles required to make the January through March Ultreyas happen. We need volunteers to fill one of the roles:

Scripture Reader
Palanca Reader
Witness Speaker
Witness Speaker backup

We are currently seeking volunteers for the April thru June team. Luis Torres has volunteered to spearhead this team, so he is in need of at least two more volunteers. If you are enjoying the visual format and wish them to continue, then you need to volunteer and get involved. Email Hope Boring or myself at with questions or to volunteer. Please reference Virtual Ultreya to help highlight your response.

5) There are leadership positions that need to be filled. It is always a blessing, honor and privilege to serve God in any capacity in the Cum Christo Movement.

Webservant Role
Post Cum Christo Section Head
Application Processing

You will find more information here.

6) Please forward any comments about your experience with our ZOOM Ultreya format to me at I would love to hear from you as to whether your experience was positive or negative. Feel free to offer suggestions for improvement. Please reference Ultreya in the email.

Don’t forget there is always a need for Palanca for these Ultreyas.
Submit your written Palanca here.

7) We wish to remind everyone that St Paul the Apostle in Westerville, will have blue collection bins in the foyer of their church on every second weekend of the month from 4:00pm Saturday until 6:00pm Sunday evening to collect food, toiletries or other items for the at the St James the Less ministry Center. Feel free to come and worship with the St Paul community and drop off an item or two for those in need. Remember that food stamps cannot be exchanged for personal hygiene items, so these items are in great demand. Please contact Ed Cush for further details. Thank you.

8) Please keep our community in prayer especially those who have been affected as a result of this Pandemic.