CANCELLED – 2018 Spring Women’s 158th Cum Christo Weekend

Women’s 158th Weekend – April 19-22

CANCELLED due to number of candidates needed.

A minimum of 9 candidates are needed for a successful weekend. The six women recruited for the weekend will be invited to experience the Fall weekend scheduled for October 18 – 21, 2018. God bless the Women’s 158th Team members for their tireless dedication over the past 2 months in preparation for the weekend.


Susan Eyerman, Rector and Donna Olenhouse, Assistant Rector

Spiritual Directors:
Fr. Justin Reis, Pastor Bonnie Gerber, Dcn. Jeff Carpenter

Table Leaders:
Julie Glowacki (musician), Colleen Barta, Sandy Nicholson, Roberta Franz, Mickey Brucken, Mary Anderson, Lori Crock, Chris Hauck and Bev Guevin

Weekend Servants:
Tim Thissen and Paul Remaker

# Candidate Sponsor Church
1 Lucy Hackman Beth Bowen St. Margaret of Cortona
2 Becky Coldren JoAnn Homan St. Brendan the Navigator
3 Irma Ueber Virginia Ryan St. Brigid of Kildare
4 Barb Heilman Shelby Fleck St. John Neumann
5 Mary Martin John Martin Saints Simon & Jude
6 Trina Brown Peggy Dlusky New Birth Christian Ministries