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Ultreya Announcements – January, 2021

1) Our next Virtual Ultreya is scheduled to take place on February 3, 2021. The Zoom Meeting ID and Passcode will be provided in your community email notifications.

2) After discussion with Leader School, we have decided to continue with our traditional Day of Reflection only in virtual format. This is scheduled to occur on February 13, 2021. Our Spiritual Guide this year will be Mo Meuse. The current plan is to follow a similar schedule as those in the past. There will be prayer, music, and talks followed by group discussion with recaps by each table.

Due to the constraints of the ZOOM system, the participation will be limited to 100 connections. A connection is a PC, iPad, or phone that accesses the Zoom meeting. If there is more than one person using the same access, that is one connection. Further information on this day will be forthcoming after the January Leader School Meeting.

3) We wish to thank our volunteers who helped fill the roles required to make this Ultreya happen. We need your volunteer spirit to fill one of the following roles:

Scripture Reader,
Palanca Reader
Witness Speaker
Witness Speaker backup

Experience is not an issue as you will be guided by a member of Leader School. We are asking that you commit to participating for three Ultreyas. The goal of this commitment is to generate a spirit of community among the volunteers, which used to occur when weekly Ultreyas were held at the downtown Cum Christo Center. Ultreya is a community function. If you are enjoying the visual format and wish them to continue, then you need to volunteer and get involved.

Currently we need to fill the April thru June positions. Email Sonny Beem or to volunteer. Please reference Virtual Ultreya to help highlight your response. I’d like to thank Sonny for not only being tonight’s witness speaker, but for taking on the role of coordinating the filling of these positions. I am sure he is working on a witness speaker for February’s Ultreya. Trust in the Lord and step out of your comfort zone. Step up and volunteer to be the witness speaker for February.

4) Please forward any comments to Jim Keating at We need to hear from you as to what improvements you believe would enhance this virtual experience.

5) Don’t forget there is always a need for Palanca for these Ultreyas. Submit your written Palanca here. We ask that you follow our tradition and simply sign your Palanca as a brother or sister in Christ and notate your weekend number.

6) In the past, Cum Christo has gathered food, toiletries or other items for those in need. Since we began gathering at the St James the Less Ministry Center, our collection has been designated to their Food Pantry. Since this collection cannot take place virtually. Leader School decided to continue the tradition even though it will not take place in December this year. The delay is the result of the logistics required to make the collection happen. The current plan called for donations to be collected at designated sites. The donations would then be accumulated and provided to the St James Food Pantry in February. The call for three volunteers to work with Ed Cush who has agreed to spearhead this program has provided no response. The collection will take place with or without additional collection sites. If you wish to participate, you can take your donation to Ed Cush’s house @ 173 Bernadette Court in Westerville 43081 anytime up to January 14. If the Spirit of Christmas Giving moves your soul to become a collection site, please contact Ed Cush for further details. Ed’s email is Watch your emails for updates on this collection.

7) There are leadership positions that need to be filled. It is always a blessing, honor and privilege to serve God in any capacity in the Cum Christo Movement.

Webservant Role
Post Cum Christo Section Head
Application Processing

You will find more information here.

8) Please keep our community in prayer especially those who have been affected as a result of this Pandemic. Please keep our country in prayer as we face uncertainty.

Thank you,
Jim Keating